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Shy, Sensitive, Cautious, Kind

My favourites:
Favourite colour: Violet
Favourite food: Fish
I like: Pikkuli
I’m afraid of: High places
My favourite toy or thing: Doesn’t have one because it was lost
My hobbies: Fishing
My dream: To swim to an island with Pikkuli and catch fishes there the whooole day!

Honkkeli’s story

Honkkeli is Pikkuli’s lanky playmate. Honkkeli is very cautious about new things and is often Pikkuli’s voice of reason when they are playing. Honkkeli’s problem is uncertainty, Honkkeli is often afraid of failing and because of that, he doesn’t want to try att all. Honkkeli is perhaps Pikkuli’s the most faithful friend; he stays no matter how stubborn and selfish Pikkuli can sometimes be!


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