The world of Pikkuli is a friendly and safe environment for learning social and emotional skills eant for early childhood education and early elementary school.

kidshalik1_smallThe characters support learning and development

The character’s in Pikkuli series have been created to depict various personalities with different strengths and weaknesses. Each character is unique in their own way. The unique personality of each character intertwines with visual storytelling. The pedagogy researchers have analysed all 26 episodes of Pikkuli and picked out social and emotional themes that are present and used in learning.

Changing the way children learn. Finnish Study curriculum 2016

The pre-school counsellor of the board of education Arja-Sisko Holappa says this is the first time emotional skills have been mentioned as a singular field in the curriculum of the early elementary school. This is based on the analytical data that shows increasing rate of mental health problems in the Finnish population. Emotional skills, regulation of emotions and their recognition in oneself and others is a prerequisite for good mental health. In the past, the emphasis was on individual learning and activities. Now, the idea of collective learning where teachers are actively present in the learning processas is emphasised. The Board of Education estimates that new tools are necessary for teaching. According to Holapa, a multi-media learning environment is a powerful and versatile tool in dealing with emotional and social skills.

Early education and pre-school teaching material from late 2016

The Pikkuli learning material corresponds to the demands of new tools. During the Spring and Autumn of 2016, we have been testing the teaching material with elementary school children of Hepokulta. For example, the game menu and game field are based on the early versions developed by third graders from Hepokulta. The general feedback from the parents regarding Pikkuli is very postive specifically due to the non-verbal nature of the series. In the series feelings are expressed through crying, laughter, dancing or thought bubbles! This way words don’t describe feelings, but in order to undrestand them one must concentrate on the whole picture.

Pikkuli in xEdu -edutech accelerator program

In September 2016 Pikkuli became part of the xEdu developmental programme. xEdu provides expert advice, training and development.
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