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Enthusiastic, Energetic. Sometimes has a quick temper. Sincere and helpful. Humorous.

My favourites:
Favourite colour: Orange
Favourite food: Berries
I like: Swimming
I’m afraid of: Sometimes the dark
My favourite toy or thing: The Sleepy Duck
My hobbies: Playing, Swimming
My dream: To sail a raft across the pond, along the river and to the great waters!

Pikkuli’s story

Pikkuli was born after his older siblings. It took awhile before Pikkuli got enough courage up and hatched from the egg and got out from the nest. Brother and Sister are older than Pikkuli and also braver sometimes as they have the courage to fly! But Pikkuli too can do many great things like diving, playing instruments and blind man’s buff and also helping his friends. Pikkuli is always ready for new adventures and exploring the forest with his friends. Pikkuli’s best friend is long necked and slightly clumsy Honkkeli. However, the most important place is home where Pikkuli spends time with his funny Father, gentle Mother and of course Sister and Brother.


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