Pikkuli animation series portrays the life of a five-year-old with his family and friends.

In the series, the birds communicate by chirping. However, abstract things like feelings, fears and dreams are presented through visual thought bubbles.

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Top reviews from film festivals

The thought bubbles and visual film language have impressed many film festival juries
The judges were impressed by your style of animation and the colour palette. Thought bubbles that have pictures instead of text is a genius idea! The storyline where the father takes care of a grumpy kid is also great. Great work overall!
Eric Bilodau
Director of Programming
Providence Children’s Film Festival, on the episode Pikkuli says NO!

Pikku series is written and directed by Metsämarja Aittokoski together with her husband, Antti Aittokoski. The couple has previously made children’s TV and film content for MTV3 and Yle. The excellent production team behind Pikkuli consists of talented animators who have graduated from Turku Art Academy’s award-winning animation line.

International Dimension

Pikkuli animation TV-series has been sold to YLE TV 2 and YLE Fem as well as 14 other countries. The episodes and the series have also gained popularity in film festivals. New York, Los Angeles, Goa, and nominated for the world’s best animation for kids younger than school-age in Italy.

Information about the series

  • Pikkuli TV-series. 26 x 5 min
  • Directed by: Metsämarja ja Antti Aittokoski
  • Based on a book by Metsämarja Aittokoski “Fly Pikkuli, fly!” (Aurinko Publishing Oy, 2011)
  • Production Sun In Eye Productions, in cooperation with Spanish Tomavistas-studio: